About Mary Ann Gaido

Gaido honored for part in creating open spaces.

Meet Mary Ann Gaido

Mary Ann Gaido: Experienced Leader in Irvine City Government

  • Appointed Irvine Planning Commissioner in 1973 – approved first General Plan
  • Elected in 1976 to Irvine City Council serving eight years
  • City Councilmember/Planning Commissioner designing and approving majority of Irvine villages, business parks and regional shopping center
  • City Councilmember implementing plans for new parks and public recreational/cultural facilities approved by voters in 1974 Park Bond
  • City Councilmember implementing bike trails plan approved by 1974 Bike Trail Bond
  • City Councilmember successfully initiating City’s hillside grading ordinance preserving the natural ridgelines and the City’s Windrow Preservation Ordinance protecting the historical agricultural eucalyptus windrows
  • City Councilmember successfully promoting the purchase of Bommer Canyon Cattle Camp for permanent open space
  • City Councilmember successfully establishing Irvine’s first Animal Care Center providing exceptional care to abandoned pets in a state-of-the-art facility
  • City Councilmember advocating Healthy Communities by successfully introducing the first ban on smoking in City Hall

Mary Ann Gaido: Expert on America’s Best Master-Planned City

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  • Current Planning Commissioner with almost twenty-two years’ experience stretching back to 1973 when the City’s first General Plan was developed
  • Recipient of City of Irvine public plaque in Bommer Canyon for 1977 leadership in purchase of Bommer Canyon Cattle Camp – the first permanent Irvine Open Space
  • Planning Commissioner supporting permanent protection of 16,000 acres of sensitive natural lands and parkland with 1988 successful Irvine Open Space Initiative

Mary Ann Gaido: Advocate for Creation of a Livable Community

  • Transportation Commissioner promoting Irvine bike trail system resulting in over 355 miles of bike paths
  • Commissioner actively supporting pedestrian-friendly cityMAG-TR-Park_042016_bridge_crop
  • Councilmember/Commissioner supporting a full spectrum of housing opportunities for Irvine residents
  • Advocate of sustainable features green building, water conservation
  • Arts advocate supporting visual and performing arts in city facilities and in schools
  • Promoter of schools, libraries, day care centers, cultural/religious facilities, senior  centers, parks, neighborhood shopping/entertainment/services

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