Growth and Traffic Control

Dear Friends,

I’ve been asked about the barrage of “hit mail” you’ve received this week...

We’ve expected this all along.  Here’s why.  The developers know that I am the only candidate for Mayor who has consistently fought out-of-control growth.  In fact, for the past four years, I have been warning everyone that our City was growing too fast, and was on the verge of exceeding our Irvine General Plan population growth limit of 250,000 residents.  The alarming reality is that relentless developer pressure, and a shamelessly pro-developer City Council has caused our resident population to already reach 260,000, and we continue to grow at a rate of nearly 15,000 people per year!  
That’s why I’ve proposed a Comprehensive Growth and Traffic Control Ordinance to put the reins on this total abandonment of our planning standards. 
And that’s why developers are spending $1 million — yes, one million dollars!— to defeat me with a campaign of lies, innuendoes  and smears.  As a former two-term Councilwoman in the 1970s and 1980s, and as a long-time and current Planning Commissioner, I have insisted that we must have the courage to honor and defend our General Plan.  We must say NO to profit-driven developers who are now demanding to build yet thousands more houses and apartments — far beyond what’s allowed in our General Plan. 
As I campaign by walking door-to-door, my message of growth-control and traffic control is resonating with Irvine voters, who are simply fed up with traffic and overcrowding.  In overwhelming numbers, Irvine voters understand that traffic control begins with growth control. 
That explains why I’m currently ahead in the polls.  And it explains why developers have launched a vicious smear campaign against me — on TV and in the mail.  Their $1 million smear consists of blatant lies, actually accusing meof creating the current overdevelopment and overcrowding and the horrible traffic mess that is eroding our quality of life in Irvine.
In the end, I have faith that Irvine voters will join with their neighbors to reject this kind of developer-funded dirty politics once and for all.  
I hope I can count on your support…and your vote.  Thank you.

Mary Ann Gaido
Candidate for Irvine Mayor


PS: Please forward this message to your friends and neighbors in Irvine.